Nature and lakes… a palette of blues and greens!


 We recently completed a cruise (mini-week, from Monday to Friday) from the new base opened by NICOLS in Wustrau – near Berlin. We’re big fans of nature, and we certainly got what we wanted! 🙂 .

The cruise also included interesting visits to tourist attractions, which we thoroughly enjoyed: for example we discovered Neuruppin, the town of the famous poet Theodor Fontane, and its church of the Holy Trinity which can be accessed from the edge of the lake. The Fontane hotel, with its magnificent spa looking onto the lake is one of the largest in northern Germany. We then continued towards the lock at old Ruppin and travelling along the Rhine we saw magnificent properties accessible from the water. Nature here is unspoilt, there’s lots of wildlife to see and a chain of small lakes took us to Lindow; we were amazed by the quality of the clear and limpid waters of the «  »Güdelacksee » ». In Lindow, we visited the ruins of the old cloister and then travelled to Vielitz lake for walks in beautiful countryside…

For us who were keen to get back to nature… it proved to be a really successful holiday! 🙂 For lovers of the great outdoors, don’t hesitate, Wustrau is a fantastic starting point for a cruise between the blue of the water and the blue of the sky… and the green of the surrounding landscapes!


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