Six Friends in a boat Octo, at Dole

Cruising along the waterways of eastern France is a pleasure best shared among friends, as Zoë McIntyre explains

We rose surprisingly early, when the light flickering through the trees was soft and wood-scented dew still coated the ground.

Our host, the river, was cloaked in a hazy band of morning mist that hid a shock of blue sky. As sleepy bodies emerged from each cabin of our boat, morning greetings were exchanged in hushed tones so as not to disturb the magical morning silence.

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2 réflexions sur « Six Friends in a boat Octo, at Dole »

  1. I am quite curious to know the costs and what is provided.

    Where does it start and finish. How long do people normally rent them for? 1 week is something that my family and I are looking. There are 4 of us, our daughters (16 & 14) as well as my husband and my self. What other costs can I anticipate? Not sure quite what to do, would you have some suggestions?

    Kind regards.

    1. For the base of departure, in fact, you have many possibilities ! it depends what you are looking for as a destination… then, regarding the type of boat : for a family (2 adults + 2 teenagers) we will suggest you a boat with 2 cabins such as our Estivale Quattro, or Confort 900…
      People generally rent for a week, and price depends of the dates of your cruise… You can check our availabilities and prices on the net ( or you can send us an email at : we will give you all détails and answers to your questions…
      See you soon !
      Fluvially, Nicols team.

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