Between nature and culture…

April 2013: we boarded the DUO « Anne de Bretagne » for a mini-week cruise departing from Sucé-sur-Erdre.

As novice sailors, we were a bit worried about the navigation induction, but Michèle and Alain welcomed us aboard with great kindness and immediately made us feel confident.
Once we’d been through our first lock, we could already breathe a bit more freely! We travelled slowly up the wild and winding river Erdre, heading north to discover the plain of Mazerolles and its fascinating wildlife; the Bout-de-Bois marina and its water activities; Blain and its château; we pushed on as far as Guenrouët and then returned to the Sucé-sur-Erdre base. After our « nature » cruise, we thought next time we’d travel down from Sucé-sur-Erdre to Nantes to explore the city’s cultural heritage.

Pierre-Yves C., Tours (37).


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