Nature cruise from Lübz to Waren – Plau am See > Müritzsee – Germany

We set off aboard two boats, the Nicols N1150 Sedan and the N1170 Sedan for a one-week return cruise from the Lübz base in Mecklenburg. Easy boating through the lakes of Plau, Fleesensee, Kölpinsee, Müritzsee then Jabelsee. It’s a region perfect for discovering nature, peace and quiet, and serenity! A few minor obligations do need to be complied with when you don’t have an «  »internal waterways » » licence but the instruction given during the initiation session is really comprehensive and the Lübz team is on-hand to help at all times. A wonderful holiday spent with friends in a part of Germany where nature is still untamed and unspoilt.


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