Grande Lago / Portugal : Travel through pure nature in a comfortable house boat

Núcleo Vela 2Renting a houseboat at Amieira Marina was a wonderful experience for our whole family. Our three kids (9, 11, 14 years old) enjoyed steering the ship themselves, jumping off the roof every once in a while, going fishing, biking to the next village for shopping and sight seeing. We (the parents) enjoyed the close time together with the kids, the cooking together, sleeping on deck or on a island under the open sky counting the stars.

This vacation gave us a chance to teach the kids where electricity comes from and to explore a beautiful new landscape which this new lake has created.It touched our feelings to see howthepeople transplanted villages & cemeteries. Boating around is much nicer on this lake than on channels in other regions of Europe, because the water is cleaner (ideal for swimming) and you don’t have to queue several times a day for two hours in order to pass the next lock.

The water was warm (28 degrees) and flat (little traffic). The weather was always perfect and the nights bring nice temperature drops for cooling off. The organization of the boat rentalwas very professional, much more than expected. Everything was well equipped, clean and worked perfectly. A hint for future travelers: make a big shopping trip before you board the boat, because the villages you will be visiting during the boat trip only offer a small variety of food.

 Willy & Karin Bischofberger-Germann & kids


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