A pleasant cruise

The canal/river Doubs is beautiful, though the villages along the route (upstream from Dole) have limited facilities for cruising. The boat was excellent despite being nearly 20 years old. However, we were surprised and disappointed by Nicols policy of charging extra per hour of engine use. This should have been clear before booking. Overall it was a very enjoyable but expensive holiday. The staff at the Dole base were very helpful and friendly. Thanks.

  • By : Patrick – Janice/ Gourock/ Scotland
  • Novice sailor : No
  • Type of crew : Couple
  • Dates & duration : 02/07/2016 – 1 week
  • Base/Region/Boat : Dole / Franche Comté / Nicols 800 « Meaux »

1 réflexion sur « A pleasant cruise »

  1. Dear Patrick & Janice,

    Thank you for your nice appreciation about your cruise and the team in Dole !
    Regarding fuel cost to be paid at the end of the cruise, this information is notified in our rental conditions, in our brochure and website, and also in the documents of cruise you may have received from our part before your cruise.
    We are sorry if you haven’t seen it before your cruise, and hope you have appreciated anyway your cruise in Franche Comté !
    We hope to welcome you again very soon onboard our Nicols boats,

    Fluvially yours,


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