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Lovely holiday on a beautiful waterway


I cruised on a boat : Estivale DUO
Boat’s name : La Gacilly
Leaving from : Glénac / Brittany (France)
Return to : Glénac / Brittany (France)
Date of departure : 30/07/2016
Date of return : 06/08/2015


Greetings : 4 out of 4 stars
Handing over of the boat : 4 out of 4 stars
Boat condition : 4 out of 4 stars
Boat equipment : 4 out of 4 stars
Equipment condition : 4 out of 4 stars
Return of the boat : 4 out of 4 stars
Your remarks and suggestions about your cruise :
a mop on the boat would have been useful to keep the outside clean


Your general sentiment : 4 out of 4 stars
What memories do you keep of your holidays?
We had a lovely holiday on a beautiful waterway


Would you like to rent a boat with Nicols again ? Yes


Name : Richard
City : London

A successful trip !

Our cruise onboard an Estivale SIXTO « PONTIVY »
Leaving from Glénac, 16/07/2016
Return in Glénac : 23/07/2016
Family : 2 adults + 2 children

We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and the boat was excellent.  I have posted comments on the web site.  The staff in Glenac could not have been more friendly nor helpful.

Many thanks for your help in making this a successful trip !

Boot-Trip in der Bretagne

Seit letztem Sonntag sind wir wieder zurück in der Schweiz von unserem Boot-Trip in der Bretagne. Dieser führte uns von Glénac nach La Gacilly und danach bis nach Josselin und wieder zurück nach Glénac. Es war super!! Die Landschaft, die schönen Örtchen, das feine Essen, das Wetter – es hat einfach alles gepasst. Die Leute von Nicols in Glénac sind sehr freundlich. Dies können wir auch von den übrigen Einheimischen sagen, die wir kennengelernt haben.

Gerne werden wir die Wasserwege der Bretagne und Ihr Reisebüro weiterempfehlen.

Freundliche Grüsse

Sasha & Christoph

Discover Brittany…

Last week I visited Brittany,one of the 6 Celtic nations, a wonderful
region of legends and myths

and… fell in love!

Brittany is a land of

Chateaux, Manoir,

Ancient villages of timber framed, stone houses,

Calvary sculptures…

Lush green fields, forests,

valleys, winding rivers and peaceful canals…

Pink Granite rocks on the coast line and beautiful sandy beaches…

fascinating Menhir from the coast to inland Brittany.

Over 4000 of these megalythique monuments can be seen in the region

bearing witness to a bygone civilization.

Explore ancient churches with their low steeples,

beautiful stained glass, Low arched doorways..

And wonderfully cool floors due to the water flowing beneath

A haven from the sun in summer.

See the traditional dress including the Bigodine, the magnificient
hats reaching up toward heaven, worn by Breton women to declare their
spiritual aspirations.

Not to be missed, the Fez Nos are a great opportunity to mix with the

Traditional music and dancing fill the village and market squares
throughout the summer.

Why not finish the day with a Breton pancake made with traditional
black flour with a cup of locally produced cider or Sea-food galore?

Go on, Be Breizh! You won’t regret it…

Emma (UK)

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