Grande Lago, Portugal – a great adventure! (part 2/3)

It is 6km from the pier into Monsaraz so early the next morning we set off on the walk and spend the morning exploring, visiting the fortifications and small shops as well as taking the weight off our feet with a coffee break. By the time we’re ready to return to the boat the weather is too hot for the walk so we take a taxi.

Our next stop is Luz, a village that was flooded by the dam and rebuilt adjacent to the resulting lake. On arrival we are the only boat at the floating pier and as it is so hot we decide to take a shower utilising the outside shower that’s on the deck of our Quattro. At that point there is suddenly a ring of bells…what is it…have we been transported to the Swiss Alps?! At that point we watch as a herd of cows wanders down to the water for a drink!

We spend a pleasant afternoon on the boat terrace reading and playing board games while in the evening we star gaze at the thousands of stars in the sky – made easy by the lack of light pollution.

Early the next morning we go into the village via the 1km footbridge to buy fresh bread for breakfast. At the entrance of the village is a new bakery which produces excellent pastries.

On the outskirts of the village there is a small museum with a viewing terrace showing where the old village is located. Unfortunately when we visited the museum was closed but we were still able to see the view from the terrace.

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