Our Nicols picture competition 2017

They say a picture paints a thousand words…

We love seeing the holiday photos and videos from our customers, that’s why we’re holding a fun picture competition…
We want as many of you as possible to send us a snapshot of “my Nicols boating holiday”. You have until 15th November 2017 to submit your files.

Great prizes for our winners!

Entering is simple. Just send us either:

  • Reports – Tell us about your 2017 experience onboard a Nicols boat, and send us at least 300 words and 3 photos to illustrate your boating holidays…
  • Photos from your Nicols holiday – these could be of the surrounding countryside, fascinating architecture or historic places you visited, of life onboard your Nicols boat or the activities associated with it (canal side picnic, swimming or fishing) or anything else that was interesting or unusual on your trip. If possible ensure your photos are a minimum resolution of 2000 pixels wide.
  • Video footage from your boating holiday – they can be uploaded in .MOV, .AVI, .mpeg, .MPEG4, WMV formats and must be less than 5 minutes in duration.

Our Nicols team will then choose their winners and award the following prizes:

For the 3 best reports… 

A one day cruise onboard a Nicols boat, for each one of the 3 best reports.

For the 3 best photos…

  • 1st prize: 1 smartly embroidered Nicols bath towel.
  • 2nd prize: 1 marine style Nicols travel bag.
  • 3rd prize: 1 Nicols baseball cap.

For the best videos…

  • A marine style Nicols travel bag.

How to participate ?

To consult the competition rules. click here

You can send us your reports, photos, and videos on a DVD or USB, by post at the following adresse :
Nicols, competition « My 2017 NICOLS boating holidays»
Route du Puy Saint Bonnet
49300 CHOLET – France

You can also send your files by WeTransfer (email: web@nicols.com ; subject : «Nicols competition 2017 »).

Please note: the total size of files (photos and/or videos) must not exceed 2 GB for the files sent by Wetransfer. Photos and videos received after the 15th November 2017 won’t be taken in consideration.

We look forward to seeing your efforts and good luck!